Introducing a new set of specialized techniques and solutions for your skin

With over 25 years experience, Heathers expertise has been featured in editorials and televised beauty forums

Specializing in facials, dermaplaning, light therapy, brow artistry & waxing


Facial Offerings

Glow ~ Refinery Custom Facial

75 MINUTES - $125 

Our age-defying, award-winning facial.

Combining the highest standards of innovative science through product offerings combined with master European massage techniques this facial creates the ultimate experience in deep hydration and nourishment with immediate results. Includes cutting edge exfoliation using an integrated blend of enzymatic peels, as an integral part of this facial. Great for all skin types to establish and maintain ph. balance. Most definitive results within a series of 3 to 6 Glow ~ Refinery Custom Facial

This experience includes custom brow shaping

Series of Six ~ $625 receive 6th treatment complimentary

Rectify ~ Skin Repair & Firming Facial 

60 MINUTES ~ $125

Perfect to repair and restore dry, dehydrated or mature skin.  This treatment combines state of the art microcurrent technology and products with cutting edge ingredients. Antioxidants are applied to help diminish the appearance of fine lines, improve texture to achieve an overall glow 

$625 ~ Series of Six - receive 6th treatment complimentary

Illuminate ~ Verso Facial

75 MINUTES - $140

A corrective and active facial created to reverse the signs of premature aging and sun damage. This results oriented facial for lightening and hyper-pigmentation includes a two layer peel and specialized hydration mask to reveal a brighter, vibrant and more refined complexion  Verso’s recipe for everyday simplicity starts with proprietary Vitamin A complex Retinol 8 Eight times as effective as traditional retinol and half the irritation of current Retinol products on the market today. Retinol 8 stimulates the skins natural skins collagen production substantially reducing the signs of aging This treatment targets your skins most vital needs, considerably improving the quality and texture.

$700 ~ Series of Six - receive 6th treatment complimentary

Harmony ~ Soothe & Strengthen Facial for Delicate Skin

50 MINUTES  ~ $125

A gently corrective and soothing facial that minimizes inflammation and redness, while strengthening the capillaries, reducing puffiness and improving texture of the skin. Extractions not included in this treatment for delicate skin. 


Series of Six ~ $625 - receive 6th treatment complimentary

Clarity ~ Glow Acne Facial 

75 MINUTES ~ $130

Designed as a deep cleansing and extraction based facial that balances the ph of your skin to achieve a healthy, balanced skin

With this powerful acne treatment that jump starts acne clearing and helps prevent any future breakouts along with high frequency This treatment thoroughly cleanses the skin to unblock congested follicles, help eliminate bacteria and excess oils in the skin to purify and reveal your inner glow 

Series of Six ~$650 - receive 6th treatment complimentary

Discovery ~ Introductory Facial

45 MINUTES - $90

Restore clarity and radiance with this introductory facial.  Ideal for the first time spa-goer or a new guest who simply wants a taste of the goodness we have to offer. Glow Discovery polishes skin with deep exfoliation which reduces fine lines and wrinkles while nourishing your skin with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid to replenish your skin 

Series of Six~ $450 receive 6th treatment complimentary

Refine ~ Gentlemen’s Only Hot Towel Facial 

50 MINUTES ~ $110

For todays Gentleman looking for a no fuss, results-oriented facial experience. Relax with a traditional hot towel technique enhanced with nutrient-rich products. Skin is cleansed, toned and conditioned as irritations from shaving or sun-exposure are soothed. We combine the mask with a light scalp massage. 

Series of Six ~ $550 receive 6th treatment complimentary


Renew ~ Dermaplaning Restorative Facial

45 MINUTES - $99

Dermaplaning is a technique of exfoliation that gently removes the top layer of dull keratinized skin cells in order to reveal a smoother brighter complexion while enjoy immediate results with no down time. Assists in lightening of hyper pigmentation, minimizing fine lines, and removal; of vellus hair. 

Series of Six~ $595 receive 6th treatment complimentary

Glow Enhancements ~ add ons


Add to any facial service


Booster ~ $30


Power Peel ~ Customized to individual facial ~ $30


Cures Remineralizing  Mask ~ $30

Glow Enhancements ~ add ons


Add to any facial service


Booster ~ $30


Power Peel ~ Customized to individual facial ~ $30


Cures Remineralizing  Mask ~ $30

Advanced Glow Refinements 


Add to any Glow Facial


LED Red Light Treatment – great for anti-aging and tightening. Stimulates collagen production and helps heal the skin.



The Ultimate Refinement 


Dermaplaning – Discovery Skins Beauty at a New Level


Add on service: $60


Add on 30 mins to all facial treatments

Brow Artistry

Brow Artistry

Closed Eye

Brow Artistry ~ Microblading


Creating beautiful balance and symmetry to the face while designing the perfect frame on the perfect canvas. Microblading is the most precise form of eyebrow artistry, using a pen-like device to sketch feathery strokes directly into the skin creating natural looking eyebrow hair.


INTRODUCTORY OFFER $495 including 1st follow up / touch up

Reg $6oo Brow Artistry ~ Microblading

Brow Artistry ~ Ombre Brow

Gives a light to dark ombre effect. Lighter at the front of the brow going darker towards the end. Gives a soft makeup appearance that still looks natural. 


INTRODUCTORY OFFER $495 including 1st follow up / touch up

Reg $6oo Brow Artistry ~ Ombre Brow


Hair Removal

Rica Wax Bar


Our waxing technique is highly praised by our guests.  We believe in a quick, comfortable waxing experience. In order to achieve the finest waxing experience for our guests we offer Rica Wax Bar.  A Collection of Natural Based waxes (sourced from Italy) are made available to our guests for custom treatments. Waxes are specifically chosen based on


Area of  Body


Skin Type


Type of  Hair


For Optimum Waxing Results


Guests hair should have a minimum of  1/4 inch in growth.  (approximately 3-4 weeks growth)
Be sure to avoid sun exposure and any heat treatments for at least two hours before waxing and twelve hours after waxing.

We regret that we cannot wax if you use Retin-A or Accutane.



Eyebrow Plucking

Brow Artistry ~ Powder Shading Brow


Finished look is as if a brow filler or powder has been used creating a more solid yet soft makeup effect.


INTRODUCTORY OFFER $495 including 1st follow up / touch up

Reg $6oo Brow Artistry ~ Powder Shading Brow



Brow Artistry ~ Lash and Brow Tint

Reg $20 each

Waxing - Eyebrows

15 mins


Waxing - Lip

15 mins


Waxing - Chin

15 mins


Waxing - Full Face

30 mins


Waxing - Chest

From 30 minutes


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Waxing - Back

From 30 mins


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Waxing - Half Arm Upper or Lower Arms

15 mins


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Waxing - Full Arms

30 mins


Waxing - Underarms

15 mins


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Waxing - Bikini

30 mins


Waxing - Brazillian Bikini

60 minutes


Waxing - Upper Legs

30 mins


Waxing - Lower Legs

service times varies 30 mins


Waxing - Full Legs

60 mins


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